Control and Annunciator Panels

Control and Annunciator Panels

CTR24 annunciator windows.

Framed masterpieces of signalling technology.

Control and Annunciator Panels are the ideal device for signalling and control of any plant and process. They are custom-designed and assembled and can be adapted to every sort of needs.

CTR24 annunciator windows consist of a frame in black anodized aluminum based on a modular standard 24x24mm, tailored according to the required layout and components.

They can be equipped with DOMO Display LED indicators, DOMO CD16 Series Pushbuttons, Knob and Key Selector Switches and Buzzer Sounds with a 16mm diameter.


CTR24 applications are potentially countless and thanks
to the Logica SQ1 alarm annunciator* they can be used to
monitor and control all sorts of plants.

Here are some examples of DOMO Control and Annunciator Panels usages:

  • Monitoring


    • Control and acquisition of alarms.
    • Gases, fumes and liquids level control.
    • Rationalization of pilot lights.
  • Hospitals


    • Patients' call alert.
    • Medical gases level alert.
  • Automation


    • Control panels.
    • Monitoring plates.

*sold separately

Your wish is our command.

Pick the parts and the disposition you want: we'll assemble your
matrix window and place the labels required.

The following components of the DOMO line can be mounted on the CTR24 annunciator frame:

CD16 Series

Always up to date.

DOMO control and annunciator panels can be updated very easily, at low
cost and with no need to restart the whole plant nor turn off the power.

It's enough to move, remove, add or replace the necessary parts, leaving
the rest of the structure untouched.

Mount it the easy way.

Thanks to the handy brackets, mounting it in a hole is amazingly simple.

After mounting it you only have to cable the components, and you can make any change without dismantling it.


A white box full of grey matter.

Logic SQ1

Logica SQ1 alarm

So powerful that makes everything simple and logic.

Available upon request, this programmable board can manage up to 18 alarms and control 18 light points and 2 sirens.

It's freely programmable by the user, who can choose between 10 ISA sequences and set the normal NO/NC state for each input.

And if you need to control a bigger annunciator window, you can daisy-chain more boards together.

Choose the type of
power supply
that’s right for you.

  • 24V DC

Window annunciator controls.

Logic SQ1 integrates the following functions:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Reset
  • Sequence Test
  • Lamp Test

It is equipped with the necessary connections to replicate them on the front of the matrix window.


Easy fastening

On DIN/OMEGA rails