Always one tile ahead.

Mosaic mimic panels are designed to be by far the most practical and efficient of all the signalling and control tools.

First of all, there is no need to switch off the plant before making graphic adjustments to the scheme or moving components from one point of the panel to another. Other control systems, instead, have to be shut down and then normalized.

Furthermore, the structure made of modular tiles allows easy and immediate adjustments whenever a modification affects the plant: a simple replacement of the old tiles with new ones is all it takes to keep the panel up to date. Easy, fast and economic.

This makes a world of difference compared to other types of signalling tools.

For instance, immediacy doesn’t work with signalling panels printed upon one single metal support: in such a case every intervention, minor as it can be, requires the substitution of the whole panel, with consequent waste of work, time and money.

Another example? Digital control systems neither provide safety from unexpected risks: a computer crash, a software slowdown and the whole system runs out of control, with dangerous consequences easy to imagine.

With DOMO mosaic mimic panels, instead, everything is always simple and efficient. Tile after tile.