Ai1 Flashing signalling devide for electric panels.


The most in safety for the inspection of electric panels.

DOMO Ai1 has everything you need to ensure safety for the inspection of electric panels ,
and it's all integrated in a single device, compact and accessible.

DOMO Ai1 can help prevent accidents by warning up the operator
and by signaling that the electric system is active
with flashing lights and a repeating sound.
At the opening of the door, the integrated limit switch also
enable or disables other devices and activates a light
that illuminates the inside of the electrical panel.


Normally all these functions are obtained by assembling together several devices,
with the complication given by the docking plates and wiring.

ai1 assemblaggio

DOMO integrates all these functions into a single compact and accessible device,
and it also adds to it lighting with LED light,
thus offering the best device in its category
for functionality and ease of installation.

ai1 led

It flashes, it buzzes, it illuminates.

So you already know where to put your hands and even where not to put them.

Blinking LED lights.

The 3 LED lights flash indicating the presence of tension inside the electrical panel.
Different flashing sequences indicate the condition of the electrical panel.

Lampeggìo in sequenza

Sequential blinking

  • presence of 380V tension inside the electrical panel
  • circuits correctly phased
aLampeggìo casuale

Casual blinking

  • presence of 380V tension inside the electrical panel
  • circuits not correctly phased
Lampeggìo casuale

Normale blinking

  • presence of 220V tension inside the electrical panel


A repeating sound alerts you to the presence of tension at the open door.
The sound can be switched off temporarily by the switch located under the device.

E luce sia.

Ai1 has a 3.5W LED light that illuminates the inside of the electrical panel
facilitating the operator's intervention.

3,2,1, contact!

Limit switch to automatically activate other devices
and auxiliary contacts to get maximum control.

ai1 contatti ausiliari

Auxiliary contacts, to have everything under control..

To enable or disable any device inside the electrical panel (lights, fans, guards...) when the door is opened.

Limit and interlock switch.

The integrated limit switch activates all functions of the device at the cabinet door opening.

Closed door simulation

By pulling the switch, you simulate the closed door:
all the auxiliary contacts are restored to the condition of closed door.

Magnetic limit switch.

Upon request the magnetic limit switch is available.

Available configurations.

Ai1 is available in 3 different configurations: Standard, Full, Light.