Mosaic Mimic Panel Representation and process control.

Sinottico a Mosaico

What is a mosaic mimic panel.

The mosaic mimic panel is the most affordable and durable solution
for the representation and control of processes.

Connected to a system of any kind it can show its flow procedures, productions or paths.
You can efficiently and immediately monitor the status of the connected system
thanks to the framework of signal lights or sound
and you can manage the operations by switches and selectors.


The potentialities of the mosaic mimic panel are virtually endless.
There is no limit to the type of scheme represented
and the wide choice of components makes it suitable to control any type of system.

Here are some examples of use of synoptic mosaic:


  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Control tanks.
  • Control dams.


  • Energy distribution.
  • Energy production.


  • Control lines and exchanges of trains and subways.


  • Installations.
  • Industrial processes.
  • Churches.

Advantages of the mosaic mimic panel.

The mosaic mimic panel can be easily updated
at low cost and without having to restart the entire system.
It is sufficient to remove, add or replace
the necessary forms, leaving intact the rest of the structure.


A control panel to rule them all.

DOMO is a market leader in Italy and Europe in the field of mosaic mimic panels,
offering a complete service: reworking of the graphic diagram, engineering,
component selection, assembly, wiring and testing.

Sinottico a Mosaico DOMO


The DOMO mosaic mimic panels are constituted by a grilled polycarbonate
based on modular standard 24x24mm
easy to be assembled and updated.

struttura sinottico a mosaico

The support grid is made up of modular 24x24, 48x24 or 48x48
and it is supported by a frame and by eventual steel uprights
in the event of large panels.

struttura sinottico a mosaico
struttura sinottico a mosaico

Front tiles.

On the front side of the supporting structure
are mounted the tiles on which is represented the diagram of the process.
The tiles DOMO uses are in standard 24x24, 48x24 and 48x48.

To complete the coating there are tiles that cover the angular steel profile.

tessere sinottico a mosaico
tessere sinottico a mosaico

The tiles used by DOMO can have the following colors:

RAL 7032

RAL 7035

RAL 7038

RAL 1015

RAL 9005

Graphic representation.

The technical scheme is represented by screen printing
or engraving on the tiles of the mosaic.
DOMO is responsible for reworking the diagram provided
so that it can be applied to the modular base 24x24
and it fits the size of the synoptic required.

rappresentazione sinottico a mosaico
rappresentazione sinottico a mosaico

Components of signalling and control.

DOMO offers a wide range of integrated components
on their mosaic mimic system.

Sinottico a mosaico

The Mosaic Mimic Panel's components offered by DOMO can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Piloto Lights
  • Pushbuttons
  • Selector Switches
  • Acoustic Elements

Compared to the DOMO standard line's products,
those dedicated to the synoptic mosaic are the same color
of the chosen tiles and designed to be mounted flush panel.

On the DOMO Mosaic Mimic Panel
every component based on 24x24 module
can be fastened safely, even other brands’ ones.

Each synoptic component can be easily
removed, added or replaced
without compromising the functioning of the entire panel,
making it extremely easy to update.

The other side of the coin?

A perfect B side.

Behind the panel there are all the connections
necessary to ensure the proper functioning,
ease of access and intervention.

Customers who chose DOMO.

Many have chosen the DOMO mosaic mimic panel.
Here are a few of our customers.