A company founded on solid pillars.


DOMO is a company specialized in signalling and control devices.

These devices are supplied to power plants, energy or natural gas distribution stations, refineries and any other industrial process.


DOMO is a 100% Italian company.

This means that all the products are designed, engineered, assembled, inspected, verified and handled in Italy.


DOMO is a fast-thinking company.

Therefore you will always find:

  • quick problem solving
  • great workmen expertise
  • internal research and development lab
  • flexibility in the choice of selected suppliers among a trusted network

And you will never find:

  • big internal bureaucracy
  • assembly-line constraints

DOMO evolves around its clients.

We give an extremely high consideration to our clients’ needs and requests.

Through the years, in order to accomplish a constantly increasing number of peculiar requests, DOMO has developed products of high reliability and adequate level of technology. That’s why we can now offer a complete product range, while still satisfying any specific customization.

As a matter of fact, our catalogue keeps evolving with us.

Time after time, request by request, a piece at a time.

The DOMO brand is present on the market as a producer of modular components since 1978.
That is the year when DOMO creates its first mosaic mimic panel, an invention set to become
an iconic milestone in the market.

In 1994 the company assumes the corporate name of DOMO S.r.l.

Here are the most significant moments that mark the path of DOMO and support the growth of the company and its wide range of products.

  • 1978

    DOMO launches its own line of Mosaic Mimic Panels which over the years has become the most important, complete and widespread in the world.

  • 1994

    DOMO develops the first series of its LED Indicators, which have been constantly improved to find use in the most prestigious Italian and foreign companies.

  • 2002

    The Spherical LED Indicator wins numerous awards for its innovative industrial design. During the same year 12 new pilot light models were introduced, together with the Ø16mm Pushbutton Switches line.

  • 2003

    The DOMO Semaphore LED Indicator is the most used in the world, thanks to the partnership with prestigious multinational companies as ABB, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, AREVA, GE, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI.

    DOMO starts the production of its line of Small LED Indicators, small shape and contained space.

  • 2009

    The new LED Lamps are launched on the market: BA9s, BA7s, E10, T5,5, T5,5k, E14, BA15, even more efficient in terms of duration and brightness; especially DOMO BA9s model 2009-2013 has never received non-compliance by the customer, a sign of complete satisfaction, becoming the "most loved by Italians" LED Lamp.

  • 2010

    The LED Indicators line is renewed to make room for new productions: LED Beacon Lights, Stack Lights with LEDs, BIG MultiLEDs and even more luminous devices and with several interesting solutions.

  • 2014

    Patented the Semaphore Pushbutton, the first device that integrates the Position Indicators with the functionality of the discrepancy switches

    It saves space, wiring and costs.

  • 2016

    DOMO invents and produces the first Ai1 Safety Device for electrical panels, compact and easy to install, unique of its kind also because of its powerful light.

  • 2022

    All DOMO products undergo a radical reengineering that leads to an improvement of PCBs and other inner parts.

    Many specific requests and suggestions by the customers are implemented as standard in the whole range of DOMO devices.


State of the art of
DOMO production

Currently DOMO is positioned as a market leader with the following product lines.

  • LED indicators LED indicators
  • Pushbutton switches Pushbutton switches
  • Acoustic signalling devices Acoustic signalling devices
  • Control and annunciator panels Control and annunciator panels
  • Mosaic mimic panels Mosaic mimic panels
  • Safety and light Safety and light
  • Switchgears Switchgears
  • LED lamps LED lamps
  • Accessories and spares Accessories and spares

Guaranteed Quality

DOMO is characterized by a qualified system, controlled products, and accurate checks at every stage of the process.

100% of our products, before being packaged and shipped to the customers, undergo different verification steps:

  • incoming raw and semi-finished materials
  • transformation of plastics into polycarbonate
  • assembly process
  • welding operations
  • final testing on 100% of the components
  • packaging control

Our products are designed and made in compliance with ISO9000 regulations and meet all the highest standards in order to obtain and increase our customers' satisfaction. The workflow process in the creation of every DOMO device is constantly focused on effectiveness and efficiency.


Real Made in Italy

DOMO is deeply rooted in Italy and Italian quality is trademark. The products are designed and assembled in Italy. The production is fully internalized, and Made in Italy is 100% guaranteed.

Nothing is imported from abroad to be labeled and sold as counterfeit Made in Italy.

Our workforce is skilled with high levels of competence and technical preparation. Our constant research and design of new technological solutions ensure that our products are reliable and practical at the same time, in the name of ultimate innovation and technology.

Integrated supply chain.

DOMO operates in Italy, in four different locations with specific functions each.

  • Milan, Italy

    San Giuliano Milanese

    • Headquarter
    • Logistics Center
    • Assembly
    • Testing
    • R&D
    • Administrative and Financial office
  • Milan, Italy

    Pozzo d'Adda

    • Plastic components moulding
    • Moulds maintenance
  • Trapani, Italy

    • PCBs prototyping and manufacturing facility
    • SMDs assembly
  • Milan, Italy


    • Sales and Marketing

DOMO policy on Conflict Minerals.

From 2015 DOMO is committed to respect the provisions expressed in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

This means that DOMO avoids any use of rare minerals such as gold, tin, titanium and others which may be extracted by children in conflict zones of the world.