Made in Italy quality for worldwide solutions.

Overall excellence.

At DOMO we are deeply aware of the importance of the quality that you are looking for.

Therefore we always do our best to provide it.

Our catalogue includes a range of standard products that go far beyond our competitors'. They are all made with the best materials, designed and assembled directly in Italy.

But we do not stop here: we also offer custom-made options for each of our products, to create tailor-made solutions always fit for your needs.

Finally, we do not sell products only, but also services: pre-cabling, wiring diagrams, mosaic mimic panels, logistics, pre-orders, shipping and delivery.

That's why when you choose DOMO you know that you are choosing quality.

High quality materials

You all know the common saying "everything that glitters ain't always gold", don't you?
Well, this is not the case.

DOMO quality stands out both externally and internally, making every single piece a real,
precious nugget. Let's see why.


Outside. DOMO uses only Bayer V0 plastics, which most of the competitors don't. The devices are made in Italy and 100% of pure polycarbonate. In the unlucky event of burning or plant damaging, this high-quality plastic material doesn't release fumes nor harmful substances. On the contrary, these fumes help extinguishing or containing the flames.


Inside. The inner parts (i.e. resistances, circuits, diodes, bridges and LEDs) are made by the highest specialized companies in the market, in accordance with mid-top level requirements.

And if a specific part doesn't exist, DOMO can specifically design it and tailormake it.

High end technology

During 2020 and 2021 DOMO made significant changes to its technology, evolving to SMD (Surface Mounting Device).

This innovation allows to miniaturize the components, creating more space and increasing the available surface on the PCB.

The result?
More parts can be added, more functions can be implemented.


On request customization

Alongside standard production, DOMO can create bespoke components that will satisfy specific requests and needs.

An example will make it clearer: ABB Marostica needed a tailormade spherical LED indicator that was to be mounted upon a pre-existing steel clamp. Limited space required a shorter body. A handmade sketch was the only brief the client could provide.

DOMO was able to reduce and shorten the mould, created a bespoke body and assembled a LED indicator that perfectly fit in the required position.

All's well that ends well.


Functional design

Design can make things look better, but sometimes it also makes them less practical. Well, this is totally not the case with DOMO, which can perfectly mix form and function in each of their creations.

Accuracy in the design of every single component is a typically Italian plus that sets DOMO apart from the competitors. The light is as sharp and bright as possible. Functional design allows to comfortably insert the piece into the panel and mount it without tools, whilst the new connectors can be conveniently plugged and cabled at a later time.

Everything at DOMO is designed and engineered to make your work easier.

Client-centric service

This special feature comes directly from DOMO's experience with mosaic mimic panels, a company branch which requires frequent modifications and interchangeability of parts.

Mosaic mimic panels have taught DOMO its secret formula: flexibility is the key to success.

DOMO, as part of its after-sales service, offers a full range of initiatives and consultancies to help customers in every request. Its fast-thinking structure makes DOMO totally flexible and prompt: every client can rest assured to receive the maximum effort to provide all the help and services he may need.