DOMO Closed

Summer Holidays.

DOMO will be closed
from 10th to 25th August 2024.

LED indicators

Semaphore and Position LED Indicators

Keeping an eye on the status of a system has never been so immediate.

Semaphore and Position LED Indicators

LED indicators

Models, colors, voltages, connections
and extra features: we have the perfect
signaling device to satisfy every need

led indicators

Pushbutton switches

Turn on, turn off. Activate, deactivate. Press, release.
Anything you need to do is right at your fingertip.


Control and Annunciator

Controlling everything is easier, when everything
is close at hand and before your eyes.

ctr ctr ctr

LED lamps

A great character in a small body:
the new LED lamps by DOMO are resistant,
reliable and fully customizable.

led lamps

Mosaic mimic panels

A panel to control them all:
immediacy in control, immediacy in troubleshooting.


Safety and light

It blinks, it sounds, it illuminates.
So you always know where to put your hands
(and where not).

Ai1 Ai1
Ai1 Ai1 Ai1 Ai1